Legal Information

July 7, 2022

Please be aware of this important information as you consider or work with Journey

No Department of Defense or government agency endorsement.

Pastoral counseling is not clinical psychotherapy, it is counseling that is based upon the teachings of an ancient faith tradition (in most cases Christianity). The main goal of pastoral counseling is to provide clarity, education and assurance of The Creator’s love and relationship with each individual, the pursuit of this goal often results in positive mental health benefits for the individual undergoing counseling. If you and your Journey counselor reach a point where you would be better cared for by clinical mental health professionals, Journey will help you find that care, and will work as a member of your interdisciplinary care team as appropriate.

Pastoral counseling is provided as defined by the Texas Occupations Code Sec. 503.054. Pastoral counselors are not licensed counselors as defined in The Code, the State of Texas does not license religious counseling providers.

Some providers that work with Journey are licensed or certified by the State in which they practice their professional skill. In those instances, their profile will clearly indicate their licensure and the type of service they are permitted to provide and where.